Wednesday, March 7, 2007

New work a freebie and more pictures coming

I am waiting for my swap partner to receive her package before I post what was supposed to be a pindoll but turned out to be a pin sized hanging. I willpost pictures and the pattern and instructions to make it. It's kind of crazy, but perfect for spring. In the meantime I have been sewing and dealing with a fussy baby at home. My grandson is now 9 almost 10 weeks old and is starting to regulate his sleep and wake hours, but last night he fussed for 4 hours solid until he finally wore himself out from crying and whining.

I created this pattern for a witch(pictured above) a few years ago but have not done anything with her since I worked up the prototype, she is only dressed in her underwear and stockings at this point, but thought I would show her here anyway, she has a very light purple face and her arms and hands will be painted to match. Her name is Matilda, I would appreciate any input.

I have been madly getting ready for my doll club meeting at the end of this month. I have not been in a year, I also was not creating anything until just recently. I devoted all my time to school and work that I left no time to create and it just about killed me. If I don't make time to create something inside me dies. So, will have lots of photos to post soon, in the mean time keep checking her for my freebie.


Clothmatters said...

Lisa- Your witch Matilda is great!

Heera said...

Cool looking witch Lisa. Hope to see her soon all done and made up!

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