Monday, March 24, 2008

Annie doll swap

I made this little lady for an Annie swap. Her strawberry is made of 100% wool. I am actually making three more in various sizes.

Redwork wallhanging swap

Ok, so this is my first real attempt at a wallhanging. I really liked doing the redwork though. It goes so quickly when you only use one color. I wish I had gotten a better picture of her.

Crow stitcheries

I made these crow stitchery pillows for another swap with the same group as the ornies. I like this simple design a lot.

A gaggle of crow ornies

I was in a swap not long ago to make ornies, so I made 8 ornie and sent out 6 of them to my swapmates. I had so much fun making these ornies. My sweety had to have one and so did I (I think he is my biggest fan).

Bunnies are addicting

I came across a website by Jennifer Murphy of She has the cutest little Bunny project on her site or you can see it at, just scroll to the bottom of the page, there is also a pumpkin man project which is very cute too. I never thought I would really like a project like this, but I had so much fun making one that I made another one after. I plan to make more in different colors, because Bunnies after all can be shown all the time. This is my version of Jennifer's Bunny.

Whatever you do................

Don't catch the virus that is going around. It had me down for a whole month, which is why I have not posted in so long. It's been a long, long month this last month. First I got sick right in the middle of my blog giveaway contest and I had already been sick 2 weeks before that.

Then on February 26, my 2004 dodge stratus was completely destroyed by some guy in a parking lot. It turned out that I owed more for the car than it was worth so I didn't get any money to replace it. The car company got the money and I still OWE! Grrrr. So no car with a teenager and a 15 month old and unreliable bus transportation where we live. So between a rental and my mom's car we have been making due.

Finally, yesterday Easter Sunday, my mom took me to a dealer she spoke to on the phone and after being there for 6 hours I drove home in a new 2007 Hyundai Accent silver. Here's a pic. So now I have a new car and things are looking up. My energy is coming back and I can post some pictures of things I have worked on. I sent out the two prizes for the blog giveaway too. So in a couple of days I will post those pictures. I hope everyone has a great week.

Prim Hugs,

Sunday, March 2, 2008

100 posts and a winner

I was supposed to do this last night but have been sick again! I do apologize for not getting to this before now. We do have a winnder. I took all of the comments and then the emails letting me know that you advertised on your blog and put them in a bowl and had my daughter pull one name. Then I took the people who advertised separately and had my honey pull one name.\

The winner is Yvette, Yvette said "Wow Lisa 100 posts! You sure do talk a lot LOL. (Just kidding :0) Congratulations for getting to that milestone"

The second winner is Sue from Rabbithollowprimitives, Sue said "Woohoo way to go Lisa good job."

Ladies please email me your mailing addresses at so I can send your prizes off. I will post pics of the prizes later on today.

I want to thank everyone who took the time to come and post on my blog I truly appreciate it and would love to run another contest in the near future just for fun.

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