Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Well been busy being sick and dealing with plumbing issues. Not much new here except that we fed the baby his first cereal and he loved it. I am putting up two new pics of the baby, he is the light of my life.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Free pattern for "What do you mean, this is not my nest!?"

"What do you mean, this is not my nest!?"
A pindoll/hanging by CraftyeLadyeCreations

“What do you mean, this is not my nest!?”
A pin doll or hanging

Materials Needed:

1-Square of orange felt
1-Square of yellow felt
3 inch straw hat
Small length of ribbon for hat
Small amount of stuffing
Small flowers
Hot glue gun
Glue Sticks
Small amount of tissue paper
Yellow embroidery floss
2 small wiggle eyes
Tacky glue
Small bit of string for hanging
Hot iron
Freezer paper

All lines are cutting lines, trace all pattern pieces onto freezer paper and cut out

Iron body piece on to doubled piece of orange felt, cut out.
Use your needle and embroidery floss (6 strands) to blanket stitch around the edge of the body.
Leave a small opening in the chick’s body to push the stuffing through, don’t make him too fat. This is a loose stuffed body.
Cut out two wings from the yellow felt using your templates.

Cut two lengths from the yellow felt inch long x ½ inch wide.
These will be your legs.

Cut two feet from orange felt.
Glue the feet to one end of each leg, make sure to bend the edge toward the birds back before gluing the foot on

Cut a small triangle on folded yellow felt.

Cut 1 from yellow felt.

Decorate your hat.
Take a small bit of tissue paper and scrunch it up.
Add some glue to the inside of the hat and stick the tissue in there to dry.

Putting it all together:
Blanket stitch one wing to each side of the body using the yellow floss.
Hot glue the legs to the bottom of the body.
Hot glue the comb to the top of the head.
Glue the beak on the face 2” inches from the top of the head.
Glue the two wiggle eyes to the face on either side of the beak.
Now glue the birds bottom to the inside of the hat.
Put a string through the top of the birds body behind the comb, not through it.
Walla, you now have a bright little bird to hang in the window

New picture and free pattern

This is a pindoll/hanging I made for Sandra Walker for our Make me laugh pindoll exchange on PDA. The name of the piece is "What do you mean, this is not my nest!?" He's a little bird that lost his way and settled himself into a spring hat. He is very surprised to find that he is not in his nest after all. I hope that there are no issues when trying to access this pattern, if there are email me at and I will send it as an attachment.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

New work a freebie and more pictures coming

I am waiting for my swap partner to receive her package before I post what was supposed to be a pindoll but turned out to be a pin sized hanging. I willpost pictures and the pattern and instructions to make it. It's kind of crazy, but perfect for spring. In the meantime I have been sewing and dealing with a fussy baby at home. My grandson is now 9 almost 10 weeks old and is starting to regulate his sleep and wake hours, but last night he fussed for 4 hours solid until he finally wore himself out from crying and whining.

I created this pattern for a witch(pictured above) a few years ago but have not done anything with her since I worked up the prototype, she is only dressed in her underwear and stockings at this point, but thought I would show her here anyway, she has a very light purple face and her arms and hands will be painted to match. Her name is Matilda, I would appreciate any input.

I have been madly getting ready for my doll club meeting at the end of this month. I have not been in a year, I also was not creating anything until just recently. I devoted all my time to school and work that I left no time to create and it just about killed me. If I don't make time to create something inside me dies. So, will have lots of photos to post soon, in the mean time keep checking her for my freebie.

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